Hummer and HMMWV / Humvee comparisons


Here is a list of differences between the HMMWVs (High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle) and Hummers The body styles are very similar, however the soft-top is different for the military then civilian and the military hard doors are different then the civilian full hard doors and the civilian half soft / hard doors. (Military Vehicle Variants Listed at the end)


This list is generalized and is not meant to be a comparison from year to year of the Hummers and / or Humvees. Both have changed in options and architecture since their first conception (1985 for the Humvee and 1992 for the Hummer).


The largest difference between the two is the electrical system


HMMWVs Have:

         STE/ICE (simplified test equipment, internal combustion engine) diagnostic connector - next to the gear shifters


Hummers Have:


Variants of the Humvees (compliments from Liberty Kruger)


Truck, Utility: Cargo/Troop Carrier
M998 (2 or 4 door soft top)
M998A1 (2 or 4 door soft top)
M1037 (S250 shelter carrier)
M1042 (S250 shelter carrier w/ winch)
M1038 (soft top w/ winch)
M1038A1 (soft top w/ winch)
M1097 (heavy variant)
M1097A1 (heavy variant)
M1097A2 (heavy variant)
M1123 (heavy variant)
Truck, Utility: TOW Carrier
M996 (hard top)
M996A1 (hard top)
M1121 (hard top, heavy variant)
M1045 (supplemental armor)
M1045A1 (supplemental armor)
M1045A2 (supplemental armor)
M1046 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
M1046A1 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
Truck, Utility: Armament Carrier
M1025 (hard top)
M1025A1 (hard top)
M1025A2 (hard top)
M1026 (hard top w/ winch)
M1026A1 (hard top w/ winch)
M1043 (supplemental armor)
M1043A1 (supplemental armor)
M1043A2 (supplemental armor)
M1044 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
M1044A1 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
Truck, Ambulance
M996 (armored, 2 litter)
M996A1 (armored, 2 litter)
M997 (armored, 4 litter)
M997A1 (armored, 4 litter)
M997A2 (armored, 4 litter)
M1035 (soft top, 2 litter)
M1035A1 (soft top, 2 litter)

M1035A2 (soft top, 2 litter)


Hummer Variants

2-door extended cab
4-door soft-top hard doors
4-door soft-top soft-door 
4-door slantback
4-door hardtop
4-door wagon
P.S. Slantbacks were used in the military so they wouldnt burn holes in the wagon roofs with their missile launchers (Pictures at