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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Replacing the Injection Pump on a 6.2L Diesel:

The injection pump is replaced as follows:

  1. Remove the inner engine cover and remove the intake manifold.

  2. Remove the hard fuel lines.

  3. Remove the oil fill tune on the engine.

  4. Take and mark the injection pump housing to the timing cover. (this will help later)

  5. Remove the 3 bolts on the inside of the hole that the oil fill tube was. You will need to turn the engine over until each bolt lines up to the hole where the oil fill tube was. Turn the engine over by hand only or you could damage the cam drive gear woodruff key and you don't want to go there.

  6. Remove the 3 nuts holding the injection pump to the timing cover.(these are facing the windshield were the injection pump meets the back side of the timing cover)

  7. Remove the injection pump. (oh yea and don't forget to remove the fuel inlet line) that's the one in the middle of the rear of the injection pump.

  8. Transfer all parts that are not on you new pump.

  9. Reinstall the pump in reverse order. Try to line up the timing mark that you made on the old pump to the timing cover.

  10. You can start the engine without the intake manifold to make sure there are no fuel line leaks.


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