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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Fuel & Fuel Systems/Fuel Pump/Removal:

(The following procedure applies to GAS engines only)

Fuel pump removal.

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable
  2. Remove fuel cap and plug and drain fuel into container
  3. Remove T case-to-rear axel propeller shaft
  4. Take off the fuel filler tube vent line from elbow on fuel tank
  5. Remove (Rear) locknuts, washers, capscrews, support strap and hanger from fuel tank.
  6. Same as 5, but front.
  7. Slowly lower tank and disconnect jumper from wire harness. Now bend open the clamp and remove the harness from the frame
  8. Disconnect the folowing;
    a) fuel punp harness from wire harness
    b) fuel return line from the elbow tube
    c) fuel supply from supply elbow
  9. Remove the vent line from vent valve by loosening clamp
  10. Tank can now be removed to access fuel pump

Now you need to work your way down to the fuel pump by removing the access plate and gasket, washers, nuts, and other little things.

AMG recommends discarding the locknuts, gaskets, and o-rings. So start early so you can get to the parts store before they close.

This is also a good time to clean and inspect the fuel tubes, strainer, and other parts.

As for part number, get the part # from dealer and cross-reference it locally, or check the HML

Dan Astrom

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