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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Replacing the PMD/FSD:

Without the PMD remote kit:

  1. Remove Injection Pump (disconnect all lines, remove front engine timing cover, record pump timing location, disconnect PMD cable)

  2. Remove and replace PMD

  3. Move resistor to new PMD (or install new resistor of same value)

  4. Install Injector Pump (timing location is important)

  5. Bleed Injector Pump

  6. Start engine

With PMD remote kit:

  1. Mount PMD to Heat Sink

  2. Mount Heat Sink

  3. Disconnect cable from old PMD

  4. Move resistor to new PMD (or install new resistor of same value)

  5. Connect extension cable to wiring harness and new PMD

Dave B
BlueHummer Outfitters

DO NOT remove the old PMD. It is a tough job that requires you to remove the IP. In doing so, you might break injector lines, need to re-time the engine with a Tech II and etc. Just unclip the engine wire harness connection to the PMD and connect it to the new remote cable setup.

I actually bypassed my GOOD PMD and use the OEM PMD on the IP as an emergency spare if my remote PMD dies. I already had to do this maneuver once this year (I bought a used PMD for my remote).


It is possible to remove the PMD without removing the injection pump. It takes a little patience and being a little creative with a short Torx bit and a gear wrench but it IS possible. The whole removing the injection pump is a myth if you have an imagination, patience and the right tools. Been there, done that.

RubberDuck 4x4

Well, to add - there is another (ungraceful) way to remove the PMD. I did do this once, and it worked.

Take a very thin putty knife, one that has the tang (using a knife term) where the entire shaft has metal with wooden handles riveted onto it.

Then, take a dead blow hammer, the putty knife, and literally shear the PMD screws off of the PMD.

Again, it's very ungraceful. But it does work.


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