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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Whistling with Soft Top Removed:

Take the soft top off, and the whistle noise seems to come from the left and right bars. Any idea how to fix it so it's nice and windy rather than whistly?

Go to the Marine store and buy an appropriate length (5/8" - 6 ft?) of thick bungie cord hot cut, and knot each end. Stretch one end near the knot and work the bungie into the windshield track so the slack end exits the track tube, then pull the trapped end all the way to the other side, and stretch until it pops into the track... No more whistling...


A friend of mine w/ a soft top uses rubber vacuum line in his windshield channel to fix this problem. He has a '95.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

I insert a piece of Accel 8mm spiral core spark plug wire (bought a whole spool to wire up the 6 coils in one of my jags) in the channel to eliminate the noise. It is silicone so it slides in very easy and the wire core provides enough stiffness to push it through. When I put the top on I just coil it up and put it in my toolbox.

Get some fuel line the same size as the rod and top and run it through the bracket when the top is off. That works for me.

-Dax Jolly
'99 Black Open Top

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