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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Soft Top Support Bows Modification in HMMWVs:

Extract from TB 43-0001-39-3 DECEMBER 1996:

M998, M1038, M1097, A1 and A2 (four-man soft top installed)
Fitting Vinyl Covers

The four-man cargo area soft top enclosure on the HMMWVs take a real beating from changing weather conditions. The covers shrink enough that the clips and velcro strips won´t hold.

9510-00-596-2063 Metal Bar (.049’ wall thickness on bow) AR
9510-00-596-2066 Metal Bar (.095’ wall thickness on bow) AR
9510-00-596-2066 Metal Bar (.120’ wall thickness on bow) AR
5305-00-225-3841 Capscrew 8
5310-00-761-6882 Nut, self-locking 8

A. Remove the support bows and cut one inch off both ends. Then re-drill the 1/4 inch bolt holes.
B. Shrunken covers should now fit fine. You´ve cut the problem down to size. Of course, when you do replace old covers, you´ll either need new bows or modify the existing bows as follows:
(1) Cut through bows 6 inches up from bottom of bows. (see figure 4-2)
(2) Insert a 6 1/2-7 inch metal bar (depends on wall thickness of bow) into 6 inch piece of bow (leaving bolt hole at bottom clear).
(3) Drill 1/4 inch hole 1 inch down from top of 6 inch piece of bow. Secure bow and metal bar with capscrew and locknut.
(4) Butt top portion of bow up against 6 inch piece of bow. Drill 1/4 inch hole through bow and metal bar 1/2 inch up from cut line.
(5) Remove top portion of bow.
(6) Measure 1 inch from center of hole. Drill another 1/4 inch hole. Install capscrew and locknut.

C. Your bows are now adjustable to original height. This modification can save you money.

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