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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Rocker Panel Removal:

  1. Remove the Rear seats.

  2. Remove the 3 bolts in the rear fenderwell.

  3. Remove the 3 bolts in the front fenderwell.

  4. Place a screw driver in one of the holes in the front and rear fenderwells for support.

  5. Use a socket Allen wrench and tap it in the bottom bolts before you try to loosen them! (They tend to strip easily) 92'-97' Hummers have 9 bolts 971/2-current have 6 bolts.

  6. Pray that the Nutsert inside the body doesn't break loose or else you will have to drill out the bolt.

  7. Wash the mud out of the Rocker Panels and look for messages from the Factory in wax pen. Mine have smiley faces on them and a message to someone further down the assembly line to have a nice day. ;)

Anti-seize the bolts before re-installation.


The rocker panels are mounted with three bolts front and back in addition to a number 4 or 6 bolts underneath. There is a strip that mounts underneath that holds the "nuts" that the rocker panel mounting screws screw into. This allows the nuts to slide back and forth along the track to adjust for slightly different mounting positions.

Then there are three bolts that go through the front wall of the truck underneath where your brake and gas pedals are. There are also three more in back that come in a few inches above the floor line behind the rear seats. In both situations, you have to pull up the vinyl flooring that covers these bolts. For you, I suspect, you may need to drill holes as I can't imagine them shipping it from the factory with holes that aren't filled unless there are some "filler bolts" that don't really hook to anything. In either case, it is a pain in the rear to get at but isn't exactly hard either. More a major inconvenience. You have to remove the "outer kick panels" for both sides of the front in order to lift the vinyl matting. On the drivers side, it wraps up and around the gas pedal assembly and is a pain to get out. I simply cut off the flap that does this which made it much easier to reinstall. The outer kick panels are FYI the panels next to your feet that are immediately inside the door.. I.e., if you are sitting there and kick outwards, you will kick 'em.

A floor jack works wonders in getting the rocker panel protection lowered and raised in place with minimal effort. I wouldn't recommend trying it otherwise. I tried to get my wife to lay on her back and hold them in place while I bolted them down but she didn't seem very happy with the idea. :-)


The AM General Rocker Panel Guard Kit, part number 5742908, for the 1992/1993 HUMMER came with 19 pages of detailed instructions and illustrations. Do you have this AMG Kit, but are simply missing those 19 pages of Installation Instructions? If yes, maybe you could call AMG and ask them to fax or mail you a copy.


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