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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Windshield Removal/Replacement:

I was trying to remove the driver's side windshield. I removed all the trim and the bottom strip with 4 bolts, and the panel between the windshields ... I then grabbed the rubber gasket and started pulling but it won't budge ... I tried pushing lightly from the inside, but it won't give ... looks like the rubber seal grabs the glass from both sides???

  1. So how do i take it out? I don't wanna crack it if possible. Just keep pulling on it and pushing it from the inside? what might be holding it back? Probably the sealant? The truck is a '95 model.
  2. Also, reagrding the rubber gasket, when you're putting the windshield back on, what is the procedure ... I mean, put the glass in the rubber seal first and then put that in to the slot or put the glass in first and then put the rubber seal around it?
  3. Also should I use some kind of a bead sealer or something or is it not important?

They use a tar-like sealer between the rubber seal and the windshield frame. It comes in rolls with slick backing paper.

The guys that I have do mine use a razor knife to cut the rubber seal (from the outside). They lay the knife blade flat on the glass, then push it under the rubber seal, and cut along the outside near the edge of the glass. It is then very easy to remove the glass. Once the glass is gone, it is easy to remove the rest of the rubber seal and the sealant behind it.

For install, they put the rubber seal on the glass, then put the sealant on the rubber, then place it in the truck.

Dave B.

Take a box cutter/razor blade/utility knife, and cut the windshield gasket so that the glass comes out of the gasket. You want to angle the blade a little so it cuts enough gasket out of the way away, and "find" the glass with the end of your blade. Follow the glass around the outside.

The gasket actually wraps around the glass and is being held on by a bead of sealant. You're not going to get the whole thing out in 1 piece w/o breaking the glass or cutting the gasket.

Once you have the glass out, remove the rest of the gasket and clean out as much sealant as you can. Put a new gasket around teh glass, and install glass and gasket. You want to put a good bead of sealant around the windshield frame first.


Use .32 safety wire.....Take a nice long piece, get it to go through from one side to the other and grab both ends and pull, this will break the goo seal...this is what the Hummer Dealer did when they did one of mine and I wanted the old glass back. If I had not asked for the old glass they just break it to get it out.


Very simple. Remove retainer in center and on the side that is to be replaced. Put one hand inside the vehicle and the other on the outside of glass to be replaced. Push the glass from the inside to the outside. Push at the top of the glass, not the bottom. In most cases you will find a tar-like material around the inside of the windshield frame. This is to keep it from leaking. This is for the military humvee, I assume that they are the same as the civi model.



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