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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base


>Just an idea here, but, I believe a well worthwhile addition to the HML
>Database would be a Paint Code Database, listing the colors and
>corresponding code.

Here's a start:

1994 model Sand Tan

Niles Paint and Chemical
225 Fort St.
Niles , MI 49120

Linda Shields, parts manager

Gloss Sand Tan N5613A

Semi-gloss Black Accent N5241A

Primer N3580

This is polyurethane paint and you *must* use a respirator when painting with it.

> Hi,
> Does anyone know what the GM or other car color number for the Hummer
> Bright White is?  I want to do some matching of color, and I was told
> GM makes the very common bright white color.  Thanks in advance.  Joe

Hi Joe

I was told that the bright white used on my 93 was 84-94 GMC or Chevy Truck color WA8554. We used it and it matched.

Glenn Shaw


The paint code for the Blue gloss is:

  • AMG code L12
  • PPG Code: DCC4251


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