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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

A Heat Shield for a Hummer Wagon with a Roofrack

by Tom Fritz

Parts list:

  • 96"x74"x1/2" (combined size) boat deck material (solid white) $347.77
  • 12 @ 2.5(or 3)" 9/16ths bolts and nuts
  • 24 @ large flat washers
  • 3/8" drill bit
Drill the holes in the material so that the bolt goes between each cross member like the regular bars attach to the cross members.

Use a bolt -> washer -> material (plywood / boat deck / what ever) -> cross bar -> washer -> nut.

I wish I had got the nylon lock nuts, and if I ever take it off, I will use them.

It is helpful to have someone with small hands and arms to hold the nuts while bolting the unit to the rack.

Heat savings... should be very close to parking it under a tree.

Please use the oversized washers for better support in the material, and to cross the gap in the cross members of the roof rack.

The boat deck material that I chose, I do not need the metal runners anymore. I have left them on because I am too lazy to remove them, since I just put them back on a few days ago!

Unknowns... I do not know anything about air flow, but I do not think there is going to be a problem with flight! :)

To keep the materal from vibrating too much, get 90 feet of rubber insulation used to keep the wind / rain out of your car. Cost: $35

The boat deck stuff has been tested at speeds of 90 MPH, with no visible cracks in the materal or flight. It seems to work very well.

Also plywood would be a cheaper solution and might cost only $40.00 for the plywood materal. I would suggest that the plywood be painted white or a color that matches their Hummer. The plywood ends should have a very heavy coating of paint for protection.

If they choose to paint the wood, then once a year, they will have to repaint the wood. If the wood is left unpainted, rain will warp the wood.

Another solution for the plywood would be to rubber coat it. A long time ago, I found plastic in a can. It was to be used to coat tools for protection from rust. If someone could find a source for that, then plywood would be a great option.

Adding the heat shield to your Hummer also gives you several other uses for your top:

  • Photography platform for tripod.
  • With lawnchairs, your can sit and look over a group of people or watch events.
  • Lay on top and look at the stars or comets/UFOs.
  • No longer having the problems of getting between the rails of your roof to clean bird poop off.
  • Camping is cooler.
  • Great platform for putting your wind surfer on top.
  • 200 times easier to walk on! (estimate)
  • The list can go on and on.
Simi & Tom

(All tests were not in direct sunlight. Hummer parked on street facing west)

Center = on the AUX AC UNIT
Rear = passenger side cargo area (on wheel well)
Deck = control sample, on my deck by the apartment

Basic Information with heat shield on:

Time Center Rear Deck
9:30 70 77 69
10:00 72 82 70
10:40 80 89 71
11:30 84 92 74
1:00 92 94 76
2:00 98 95 75
2:45 99 95 75
3:45 99 92 74
4:30 98 92 72
6:10 (shade) 85 80 70

Basic Information with heat shield off:

Time Center Rear Deck
9:00 64 65 64
10:00 84 87 69
10:30 85 92 73
11:00 89 96 74
11:30 94 96 76
12:00 99 101 77
12:30 99 101 77
1:00 104 101 77
1:30 105 102 76
2:20 106 102 76
3:00 108 103 77
3:35 109 102 76
4:40 104 99 75

This data does not take into account the savings of temp using the vent systems for the 1997 Hummers and the retro "kits" for the 1996.

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