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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Hood Indent/Blackout Lights

I have the full set of military lights with the blackouts installed on my 95 Wagon. They are just as Glenn says, good for driving slowly using your eyes. The front lights have two positions. The first is just the blackouts in the turn signal lights, and the second position activates that light in the hood recess that you are asking about. The rear lights let other vehicles avoid running into you during blackout convoy operation.

Using night vision with only the first set (low intensity) on gives an extremely bright area in front of the truck, just like a set of huge spotlights. No lights are usually needed when using the goggles, but I believe the military uses an illuminator that only projects infrared so not to be visible to the naked eye, only the goggles. (what I've been told )

I've tried these out in the woods, and it just gives enough light to drive slowly. With my flat green military paint, I'm almost invisible while exploring new areas after dark... where the locals may or may not like my being there (their dogs still go nuts!).

Dean Palmer
95 Diesel Wagon
Tampa Bay FL

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