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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Cleaning a Soft Top:

Well I was looking for a product to make my back plastic window look better. SO a list member told me to go to and get a product called Plexus. Well being stupid, I saw a new product called Verglas 80 for vinyl/plastic windows. Well I got it and it worked ok but didn't get the discoloration out of the window. (I now order Plexus) But anyway, I accidentally got some of this Verglas on the top and it made it look BEAUTIFUL. It made it shiny black again! I don't know how long it will last or if it has any benefits. I figured since I haven't really seen any products to make the tops look nice again, I would let the list know. Hey sometimes being stupid, works out!!

Do any of you have suggestions on what to use to clean the haze off of plastic soft top windows? I thinks it's just a build up of road slime and Armour All, etc... I don't want to scrub for fear of scratching thewindow. Anybody got a good cleaner/polish out there? Thanks.

Mirror Glaze #17 to remove the fine scratches and #10 to polish out. Works great, just did mine today.


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