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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Exterior/Side Mirrors - Breaking/Protecting:

Eddie---When I go to an outing --I take that passengers side mirror off BEFORE HAND, It saves alot of worrying about it smashing against the trees and then the side window on those narrow Jeep trails.

3 screws, disconnect the coupler, slide the rubber gasket off, and duct tape the coupler to the mounting bracket--sticks out a half an inch.

Some asked me (Rich included) what was that duct tape on my door for--not realizing the mirror was off.

I have not broken one yet--have been waiting, so I could replace with a shorter housing, that does not obstruct the vision so much.

Has anyone found another housing (shorter GM or other) that can be substituded on the pivot arm????

Michael Selig

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