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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Torquing the Body Mounts:

I've been getting the typical loose body mount "knocking" noise lately, so I torqued my body mounts last night. I learned a few of things which may be useful:

  1. The passenger-side front mount bolt head can be easily accessed from the engine compartment. Open the hood, peer through the labryinth of wires, etc., and you can see it. A 1/2"x20" or so extension put me right on it. This was a welcome relief, since it's a monumental PITA to get to it from below. The nut on this side is easily accessed from below, and can easily be torqued with a short extension.

  2. My '97 service manual calls for 90 lb./ft. on these fasteners.

  3. The driver-side front mount bolt head can also be accessed from above, albeit with quite a bit more difficulty than the passenger side. You'll need about 26" of extension, plus at least one u-joint. The nut on this side is a pain to torque properly, but it can be done. If you're doing it this way, the bolt head can be easily held from below with a socket and short breaker-bar or ratchet. It can also be torqued (via the bolt head) from above, though you have to "fudge" it a bit due to the U-joint.

  4. Both of these mounts require an assistant if you're accessing them from the top. Fortunately, my girlfriend is a saint. (yeah, yeah ... I know ... she'd have to be ...).

  5. The other 4 mounts are relatively easy to access (comparitively speaking, that is ...).

  6. 4 of the 6 mounts weren't properly torqued. No big surprise where the knocking was coming from ...


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