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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Rusted Glowplug Removal

Just snapped off a glow plug in #1 cyl. Trying to replace the 9's with 11's. They appear to be rusted in. Maybe I should hit them with penetrating oil for a week. It broke off relatively easy.

FYI- There is a tip on 6.2/6.5 diesel page that says to use antisieze compound on the glow plugs threads when replacing to avoid that problem in the future.

I just swapped out for the 11's last weekend also. #8 and #2 were the most difficult accessability-wise. Otherwise they are fairly accessable. Some were a little rusty but could spin them out by hand when started. Yours must be very corroded.

Don't know about the broken #1. At least it is one of the more accessable plugs. Only thing that comes to mind is to drill it out and use a bolt extractor. Be careful to leave nothing in the precombustion chamber, or serious damage results. You can remove the injector to get at any debris. good luck


To do this right, you must remove the injector, and bring the piston to TDC for the affected cylinder. That will minimize the chances of getting debris into the engine. As well, GM recommends that glow plugs be removed by first removing the injector, bringing the cylinder to TDC and then with a set of needlenose pliers, breaking off the end if the end is not in good shape. Then unscrew it. Seems that when a glow plug fails (or is old?), it is physically distorted making it difficult ot get it out of the hole!

Peter Hipson
Founder New England Hummer Owner's Group (NEHOG) the free Hummer Owner's group!
1995 White NA Hummer Wagon

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