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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Tips for Rebuilding:

Just got the truck back running from the re-build. FYI - This may be useful to the next guy doing a re-build vs. considering a swap.

Here are the engine parts - order them a month in advance, some are hard to find & take a while to ship:

  • High flow injectors
  • AC-90 Glow Plugs (anti-seize lock-tite)
  • PMD w/ remote mount cooler (I didn't need the extension harness).
  • 18:1 low compression pistons w/ceramic coated crowns (& rings)
  • Connecting rod bearings
  • Dual idler gear drive timing gear (or chain drive if you don't want gear drive)
  • Rod bushings
  • Main bearing
  • Camshaft bearings
  • Gasket & seal kit (make sure it includes head gasket & guide pins for installing the studs or marked bolts).
  • Front main seal
  • Balanced rotating assembly
  • Performance camshaft
  • Port matched cylinder heads, intake & exhaust ports, ceramic coated comb
  • ARP head studs (not TTY bolts) w/ Teflon loc-tite
  • Stud & Girdle Kit
  • New gaskets for head cooling kit
  • 10 blade fan, clutch & high flow water pump

Other things I should have done, but didn't have time to get the parts are listed below:

  • Turbo rebuild kit (journal bearings, retaining rings, thrust bushings, bearings, thrust collar and rings).
  • Aluminum radiator (or at least have the existing radiator re-cored)
  • New power steering pump, pulley w/ new hoses
  • New coolant hoses
  • High volume oil pump
  • Driver's side engine mount
  • AC hoses
  • Oil cooler lines/connections
  • Mechanical turbo waste-gate control
  • Ceramic coated exhaust headers
  • Glow plug wiring & connectors
  • Hummercoat spray on sound deadening

Since I've driven it a few miles, I've noticed these differences:

  • It's much LOUDER now when stomping on the pedal.
  • It doesn't WHINE like it did before the engine really breathes.
  • It is very SMOOTH and the truck doesn't vibrate or have near as rough of an idle.
  • It REVS UP much more freely & faster.
  • It STARTS UP very quickly and right at the initial turn of the key.
  • It feels like quite a bit more pick-up (for a Hummer) - like driving a normal car vs. an underpowered 7,000 lb. snail.
  • It's got a few leaks to take care of, but nothing major.

I'm driving about 600 miles this weekend out west, so break in should be fun.


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