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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Removing the Radiator in a 6.5L Turbodiesel

FIrst.... remove the hood....

second drain the A/C system.

3rd, Drain the coolant / oil cooler / trans cooler

4th remove the lines to the oil coolers and A/C condensor

5th remove the supports near the air lift hooks holding up the radiator... then remove the single bolt at the front of the radiator. Then it should come right out.... there is an access cover on the LH side for the oil cooler lines, but its easiest if you remove the splash shields....its not a terribly easy job, pretty involved... and the radiator is heavy...... good luck!!


You can keep the AC intact. Otherwise you have to vacuum purge the system and refill it .... major PITA.

Remove the hood 2 pins near the bumper and the electrical connector near the front left side and the hood rod. Two guys then remove the hood.

Disconnect the oil line to the PS, engine oil/trans cooler and plug them. These are on the left side of the radiator. A metal access plate with 4 screws cover the connections.

I believe there are 4 Allen bolts (on the front sides of the stack) that hold the AC condenser & Oil coolers together and to the radiator ... remove them and swing the unit out of the way.

The radiator has one bolt on the bottom with a rubber spacer and one nut on either side. Remove hoses ...... pull it out. The radiator will still have the shroud attached.

This is from memory, but I think I covered it all.


There is one hose at the bottom front, (lower rad hose) that needs to be removed, there is the upper rad hose and the small over flow hose.... then... there are two studs sticking out on either end of the radiator that go into two verticle brackets. Those studs have a nut and some rubber grommets on them.... they attach to the air lift bracket via two smaller bolts, I beleive 1/2" head...... oce they are all removed, the radiator is just sitting there and should be able to be pulled out.... I don't recall if there was room to wiggle the shroud out without removing the fan but I am sure you will figure that out when you get it apart....

The radiator will sit on the shroud in basically the installed position, when you blt it up it will raise a little, but not too much....

if you need to remove the shroud there are small screws that are placed on either side of the radiator, where both ends (top and bottom) are open without any retention....


You can also unbolt the radiator from the shroud while in place if you want. More time consuming, but possible.

As Gil says, don't disconnect the AC condenser, just tie it out of the way. I usually tie to a wiper arm, or better yet, if there is a roof rack, then to that (with a 2x4 extension if you want).

You're talking a four hour job.


Make sure you put a lot of antiseize on the bolts that hold the stack in. If the allen head bolts are questionable, replace them. You can see how bad it would be if they don't want to come out. If the hoses are old, replace them and carry the old ones as spares.

John A.

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