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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Spark Plug Wires

For those GAS owners--a few comments about wires.

The stock wires are 8 mm carbon core units. This is a bad choice for this application in light of the heat in the engine area, hump problem, close quarters between the distributor and the engine cover. This application fits more of a Motorhome, RV, Tow vehicle, or vehicle with headers. My wires however are still decent at 37 k miles.

The old wires came with some plastic loom covering to protect from abrasion. All the wires have right angle spark ends.

I got a set of Accel Extreme 9000--9011, but the lengths were all wrong. These wires are low resistance, 8 mm Spiral wire core, Very heat resistant with heat reflective, pure silicone boots and RF supressive. They have stainless plug terminals, silicone jackets and insulation.

The guy at the speed shop did the light bulb resistance test on my carbon cores compared to the spiral core--just what you would think--dim light for carbon, bright light for spiral.

I was running out of time and did not have the right wires--so I buttoned it all up. To get to the wires on the right side--you have to take the heat shield on that side off. What a pain. It is not easy to access the top of the engine in my opinion.



The resistance in the wires has a purpose. You can't just assume that wires with lower resistance will be better. It has to do with the properties of the ignition system.


If you, and other people around you, are going to EVER be able to use an AM radio, you should replace resistive wire, with resistive wire.

--As far as I last heard, AM HAS NEVER WORKED in most vehicles even new, particularily with the stock Clarion radio.

It will also wreak havoc on CB, since it is AM or PSSBB, which is AM missing one sideband, and in Amateur Radio, and CB, it is also missing the carrier. (It should be correctly called SCSSB, for Supressed Carrier, Single Sideband.

--Is this a spiral core issue?? Is it impossible to achieve the supressive level you speak, with spiral core or is it by definition excluded.

Carbon spark wires, well, all spark wires, go bad over time. Replacing with the same type wire is generally best.


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