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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Oil Types for Diesel, Gas:

(US Specific info - I can't speak about ratings in use outside the US).

The basic quality your should look for in a motor oil for use in Diesel motors is the API (American Petroleum Institute) rating of CH which indicated a forum for Diesel engines and has the necessary additives for soot control and the diesel's lower operating temp. A rating of CH-4+ currently being the highest spec available. There will be an "API Donut" symbol on the back of the bottle giving you the necessary information about the formulation. When in doubt ask to see the bottle and look.

SM, SJ and SL rated oils are for gas engines. Just about any bottle of oil carring SM, SJ, or SL ratings will also have a label stating "for gasoline engines". Any oil without a API rating is probably recycled or "snake oil". Any S rating in your engine is better than no motor oil. :-). However I wouldn't leave it in there very long.


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