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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Installing an Intercooler:

Just had an intercooler installed on my 2000 wagon! It was designed by Dennis Sweeney and the install was done by Jim Clip up in Reno, NV. These guys are both top notch and know a hell of a lot about Hummers. The installation is a bit on the involved side, but overall is a very nice fit and finish, albeit with a few tight spots around the new intake manifolds (which I would come to know very well, as one hose would have to be replaced by me)! It includes an entire new fan shroud (which houses 2 coolers, the first of 2 tranny coolers, and one engine oil cooler), A huge aluminum radiator and intercooler with all associated hoses, stainless steel tubes and hardware. There is an additional 2nd tranny cooler just above the radiator in the front. I had previously installed a stainless exhaust system, and computer upgrade that would compliment the intercooler install.

I also had a Westech EGT/Boost gauge installed where the Voltmeter used to sit, and moved the voltmeter to the Clock's old spot. Installed a larger diameter front sway bar, and wanted to do the rear one, but the rear would not fit. I have the Predator Motorsports extended undercarriage protection there, and it will have to be modified in order for the bar to fit.

Like I said, the install is very tight, and Dennis tells me the amount of room for installation varies by Hummer. As my luck would have it, this truck was one of the tightest he has seen. All the body mounts have been crushed down, leaving little room everywhere. Even the radiator between the pillars was a tight fit. Mine had less than an 1/8" clearance while some Dennis has seen have as much as 3/4"! I think a 2" body lift would be really sweet in this setup to gain much needed clearance, but then you need to go with at least 40" tires to make the truck look good (in my opinion). The blue hoses in the pics are silicone that carry the radiator fluid, the black hoses are silicone as well for the intercooler. It definitely looks BAD ASS!

The first thing you notice is the throttle response. It is crisp and quick. Reno is about 6000 foot elevation, so I was not expecting to get much power up there. I was wrong! Traveling between 6 and 8000 feet was absolutely amazing! Dennis had forewarned me not to expect "stoplight to stoplight" drag race power. He was correct. What is different is the amount of Torque the vehicle has, and how well it pulls on the highway.

Before the intercooler, ANY hills attempted would result in the truck dropping to third and going about 45-50MPH (not towing anything, lightly loaded). Now, it ACCELERATES up hills in overdrive, where I have to back off the throttle! And this was at 6-8000 feet! It can accelerate passed 80mph no problem (which I do not intend to do anyway). I also notice lower engine RPMS for any given speed. Traveling 70 your at about 2350RPM, where it was at 2500 before. Passing people on the highway is now an option, as compared to a risk before! As for coolant temps, they are similar to before, but I do notice it seems to go back to normal operating temps quicker after pulling a long hill. Probably because the radiator is aluminum. Dennis told me the aluminum radiator would not make the truck run cooler, just be more efficient. BTW, I had a hood scoop before doing all this with an aux fan and spacer between radiators, which never did anything in my opinion. Went back to the original hood grill, and no aux fan, and the temps are perfect.

Overall my initial impressions are outstanding... I could not be happier. Well worth the time and effort getting it installed. My truck has been reborn! I'll keep everyone posted as to the long term results I get. I took a few pics you can access at the link below.

Click Here for Photos

Franco S.
2000 silver metallic wagon (INTERCOOLED)
1992 4DHT LE

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