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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Fusible Links - Description

Fusible links are special wire segments included in a wire. The fusible link is located before the item (or wire segment) to be protected. Fusible link wire differs from the normal wire in two aspects:

  1. The insulation is a special high-temperature version. This prevents the insulation from melting or burning when the fusible link is overloaded. Generally it is advisable to *not* include fusible link wire in an enclosed harness, due to heat buildup.

  2. Fusible link wire is two sizes smaller (cross section size) than the wire or circuit being protected. If a circuit was made with 12 gauge wire, the correct fusible link would be about 8 inches of 16 gauge fusible link wire.

The whole idea is that the fusible link wire will blow (or melt...) on an overload, however they do withstand short overloads that do not draw too much current a bit better than fuses. The main advantage is that they are inline, and reduce wiring costs associated with including fuses.

Peter H.

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