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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Cleaning the Engine:

A clean motor is much easier to work on. My Steps:

  1. Cover Electrical items you don't want wet.

  2. You'll need: 1 medium size brush, one small round brush, 1 paint brush, Long handle brush, Tooth Brush, a bag of Rags, wash mitt and a Vacuum.

  3. No water. As you brush, use your vacuum to remove the dust, dirt and sand. (If you wash first, the water will run that surface dust and dirt down into cracks and groves. Then its really tough to get out.)

  4. Now water: Fill your bucket with soap and start washing everything. Don't allow it to dry with the soap left on. Low pressure or fine mist rinse the areas as you go. Do small sections at a time. Take your time, lie across the motor, sit or stand on your tires if needed.

  5. Spray engine degreaser on everything that is still dirty. Follow the directions, use a brush. Careful, degreaser removes some paint and all wax.

  6. Compressed air to blow water out of crevices and dry the motor.

  7. To shine up the plastics and hoses you can use 303 Aero space Protectant, wipe hoses and all plastic surfaces. Don't just spray and leave. Use a rag and make sure the hoses are covered top to bottom.

  8. The first time is the toughest. Once you have it clean, the rest of the time is just wipe downs.

  9. Battery corrosion and the battery box can best be cleaned with a 50-50 mixture of water and baking soda.

  10. Clean your stack, check your belt, look for cracked wires, corroded wires, loose grounds, bad vacuum lines etc. (I generally find something to fix or replace)

  11. I will do this in the heat of the summer, and after I'm done, run the truck for a good hour trip... between the air hose, the summer heat and the drive ... it insures me ALL water is gone.
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