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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Adding a Borla Exhaust System:

The stock catalytic converter or military muffler can be used effectively with a 16 inch Borla Sportsman stainless steel muffler in the verticle configuration as shown:

The stock military, 92-3 side pipe bracket was then utilized for stablization of the muffler followed by the cross tube, then out the back like the stock 97 and later vehicles. The 98 rear bracket was used for rear support. The top of my cross pipe was 1 inch from the top of the well-for possible 42 swampers. Its gets very hot up there and I had to insulate it with a blanket. My cross pipe is 14 gauge steel tube, but next time around I would use stainless--it displaces heat really well. My stainless muffler does not heat up the surrounding sheet aluminum. This Borla is a 3 inch straight through glass pack but the sound deadening is amazing. I get a very slight jet engine like sound hum at 2500 rpm.

BTW--A 42s will not fit with the stock side pipe--it needs to be bent and man is that loud.


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