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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Re-positioning the Windshield Wipers

Bob Durna wrote:

My windshield wipers make a clicking noise at the end of each cycle..... any thoughts ?

I think this happened once before, and they eventually got out of synch, stopping in the middle of the was fixed under warranty, but I was never able to find out what was done !

'96 Turbo Wagon in NorthWest New Joisey

My two occurrances were the nut on the wiper motor shaft got loose and the shaft slipped. Take off the trim, unbolt the motor from the windshield frame, pull toward passenger compartment as far as possible and inspect shaft. Mine were tapered with some knurling that was worn from the slippage. With the nut loose, run the wiper motor and stop it a few times to make sure it is stopping in the same location and the problem is not in the wiper motor or the limit switches inside it. Assuming the motor is OK, position the wipers where you want them to stop with motor lined up in it's mounting holes, put red Loctite (271 or 272) on the shaft and retighten the nut. Let the Loctite set and reassemble. Not much room to work in and important to get the wipers positioned correctly before retightening the nut. Good Luck


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