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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Electical/Wiring/Trailer/Towing Connector:

>Does any one have the code for the wiring adapter for the HUMMER towing
>One end has a factory plug and the other end has 7 bare wires for splicing.
> I have the standard 4 wire harness on my trailers.  I would think 1 ground
>, 1 brake lights, 1 left turn. 1 right turn.
>If someone could tell me the appropriate colors for these it would be
>Mike Pavolka Green 96 4dht Turbo

The color-coding is on page 131 of the owners manual ( '96 ).

White = Ground.
Black = Clearance, side marker, and identification lights.
Yellow = Left turn signal and hazard.
Red = Brake lights.
Green = Right turn and hazard.
Brown = Taillights and license plate.
Blue = Auxiliary.


They are the same as above, as per my '95 owner's manual.

On my Hummer:
- the Brown and Black wires are connected to the same circuit
- the Red wire in not connected
- the Blue wire is not connected

This may be different if you have wiring for trailer brakes.

Dave Breggin
'95 Diesel Wagon

**Trailer plug, female receptacle on HUMMER, looking at the open plug from a clockwise rotation: 12:00 red, brake lights; 2:00 yellow, left turn; 5:00 black, clearance, side markers, id lights; 6:00 white, ground; 8:00 brown, clearance, side markers, id lights; 10:00 green, right turn; center blue, auxiliary.

Dennis Kulp

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