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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Daytime Running Lights:

Since there seems to be some interest in Daytime running lights, I can provide a few points which may help some listmembers. Most daytime running lights run the high beams at reduced brightness when ever the engine is running and the regular lighting is off. This will allow the bulbs to have an extremely long life while still being bright enough for DRL's. When you turn on the headlights the DRL function is disabled. In addition, many OEM vehicle installations have a built in delay that holds off the DRL's until after x number of seconds when the vehicle is started so that you dont have the extra drain on the battery while cranking the engine. Good feature in real cold weather starts.

You could just use after market lights or something but if you want factory type DRL's it is possible and VERY easy to do. I did this on my 93 4dr and it has worked great for 3 yrs now. You can call a company called Adamson Industries who make and sell police vehicle equipment at 1-800-232-0162. They sell a solid state module which hooks up very easy to high beams, 12 v bat, 12 v. ign, and running light circuits, that does the whole thing. They also provide a lead that you can switch to disable the DRL's when tactically needed by police. I hooked it up to my park brake lamp switch so that whenever I put the parking brake on the DRL's go off. It also will provide alternating headlights for those who want that. The unit is shown on page 45 of their catalog and is made by Sound Off Co. who make most of the police headlights flashers. It sells for only $42.95.

Glenn 4rdht

Here is a site that I have come across that has detailed instructions on how to add day time running lights:

Doug '94 4drht

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