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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Upgrading from 85 amp to 124 amp Alternator

Anyone who is thinking of upgrading their 1993 Hummer from an 85 amp alternator to a 124 amp alternator will NEED TO KNOW THIS.

Nothing is as easy as it seems.

First, the lower alternator bracket you can keep. This is the only piece that is the same. The Alternator, Upper bracket, and Spacer are different.

You also can not just order the 124 amp alternator. The regular one (part #0600-67-76 is not the right one. This one will not fit.

What you need to order for new parts:

AlternatorPart# 059-39-864 (This is an odd part # but the right one)
Upper BracketPart# 059-37379
Spacer BracketPart# 059-37416

With these parts and this alternator it is an easy job.

I tried to get a cross-referenced GM alternator # and ended up with a headache and the wrong one. Then the Hummer dealer said that they only have one (1) listing for a 124 amp alternator. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

After talking with a tech at Hummer we found out what I had to get and what I had to do.

I hope my experience has helped someone else.

David C. Wilson
1993 Green Hardtop
NEHOG Member

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