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Hummer Knowledge Base

The Hummer Knowledge Base

Fuse Chart for 2004 Model Year:

Fuse Identification: Fuses are numbered 1-7 from left to right and lettered A-H from bottom to top. Fuse A-1 is in the lower left corner of the lower fuse box and fuse H-7 is in the top right corner of the upper fuse box. See Interior Fuse Boxes Illustrated.

Lower Fuse Box:
1-A 5 Spare
2-A 7.5 Spare
3-A - Blank
4-A 10 Spare
5-A 15 Spare
6-A - Blank
7-A 20 Remote Entry
1-B - Blank
2-B - Blank
3-B 5 Fuel Tank Selector Switch
4-B 5 Gauges, Indicator Lights, MIL
5-B 20 Heated Seats
6-B 5 E Locker
7-B 5 Remote Entry Ignition Feed
1-C 5 Transmission Shift Lock
Heated Windshield
2-C 10 A/C Clutch, Rear Defroster,
HVAC Ignition Feed Relay
3-C 7.5 Backup Lights
4-C 10 Turn Signals
5-C - Blank
6-C 20 HVAC System
7-C 30 HVAC Blower
1-D 15 Radio Amplifier
(Monsoon only)
2-D 5 Compass Mirror
3-D 20 Lighters
4-D 15 Brake Lights
5-D 15 Hazard Lights
6-D 30 E Locker
7-D 25 Anti-Lock Brakes
Upper Fuse Box:
1-E 5 Spare
2-E - Blank
3-E 7.5 Spare
4-E - Blank
5-E 15 Spare
6-E - Blank
7-E 25 Spare
1-F 5 Radio Lights
2-F 5 Panel Lights Dimmer Module
3-F 7.5 Front Parking/Running Lights
4-F 7.5 Rear Parking/Running Lights
5-F 15 Trailer Lights
6-F 5 Under-Hood Trouble Light
7-F 5 Light Circuit to Chime
1-G 5 CTIS, Key Chime
2-G 5 Power Windows
3-G 30 Auxilliary Power Point
4-G 7.5 Radio Ignition
5-G 5 TCM Acessory Power
6-G - Blank
7-G 25 Windshield Washer/Wiper
1-H 5 DLC Power Terminal 16
2-H 10 Radio Memory, Clock
3-H 20 Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors,
Remote Entry Battery
4-H 30 Auxilliary Power Point
5-H 15 Dome and Courtesy Lights
6-H 20 Auxilliary Power Point
7-H 25 Trailer Brake Controller

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