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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Winterizing Your Hummer:

Preparing Your Hummer H1 for Winter:

  • Get yourself some good batteries 800CA/1000CA
  • Battery Blankets(Keep them WARM!)
  • Make sure your Block Heater Works! (stuck without a block heater?, small lamp with 100watt bulb with tinfoil at bottom of it curved up and block off area works decent aswell...)
  • Make sure your cold advance solenoid/switch is in working order!
  • Run Oil 15W-40 or 10W-30 if goes below -18C/0F

I did a search on the board for winterizing and cold weather. Here is a quick list of what I should consider:

  • Glow plug controller
  • Possibly new glowplugs (60G) If I don't have them already
  • Engine block heater -> is this a standard option, I don't remember seeing it
  • Battery blanket
  • Synthetics where possible
  • What about fuel/anti-gelling additives?

Currently I am using Opti-lube Diesel Fuel Improver

A few comments on your list:

  • Glow plug controller - As far as I know these are pretty reliable (except for early HMMWV units)

  • Possibly new glow plugs (60G) If I don't have them already - (If you have some already failed you better get the wires also, they act as fusible links and are often open on failed plugs)

  • Engine block heater - is this a standard option, I don't remember seeing it ** THIS IS A MUST, if you don't have one installed already, take a look at the type that connects to one of the coolant lines**

  • Battery blanket - Useful but hard to fit into the battery box. You would be better to have a trickle charger for the battery to keep it topped up.

  • Synthetics where possible - No comments

  • What about fuel/anti-gelling additives? - This should already be added to the fuel that you buy in the winter. Done at the refinery.... That is if you buy the fuel in the same climate that the truck is driven in AND the fuel is fresh.


If it's cool in the morning and after the glow-plug cycle, and you start your truck easily and there isn't any white smoke, or none after the first puff, yours are probably okay.

If you want, you can check your glow plugs fairly easily with a ohm meter - your looking for a few ohms of resistance, plug tip to block/ground. If you need to replace them, the 60G's will be a nice upgrade from the plugs that came in your truck - just don't forget to anti-seize the threads.

The controller generally doesn't go bad - wouldn't waste the money.

Battery blanket if it's going to be outside in sub-zero temps. Wouldn't bother otherwise.

Synthetics are smart - and you can use them everywhere.

Finally the block-heater is to my knowledge standard. It's installed on the leftside of the engine block in the 2nd freeze plug hole forward from the rear. The cord end usually dangles from the left-front frame rail near and below where the hood attaches. It's got a cover over the 3-prong plug and it's black in color. You can see the block heater in the freeze plug easily from under the truck. Perhaps your cord is just missing.


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