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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Storing Long-Term:

> I need to store my truck for close to two years.  What should I do to prepare my truck
> for storage?
> Dan

  1. Inside if possible.
  2. Jack up all four wheels, and put on jack stands.
  3. Air down the tires to about 10 PSI.
  4. Do a 12,000 mile service before storage.
  5. Put batteries on trickle charger.
  6. Full fuel tank, put in some algicide.
  7. Crack all windows to vent inside of vehicle, but not enough to allow rodents to enter.
  8. Put bowl of mothballs under each seat.
  9. Remove that box of crackers that you didn't finish the other night!
  10. Wax the truck.
  11. Cover with a sheet (cotton!) to keep dust off.
  12. Being dry is vital!


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