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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Reprogramming the Key Fob:

Anyone know the trick to reprogramming the keyfobs after replacing the batteries? I have a '95 if it makes a difference.

Yes, the year makes a difference.

Its been a while, but as I remember it...

There is a button on the remote receiver. You can gain access to this button by removing the glove box. The receiver is a small black plastic box with a single wire (antenna) and several connectors on it. It is on the driver's side, on the bottom, inside the dog house.

Hold the button down and turn the key to the "on" position. This will clear the memory of all key fob codes, and will listed for about 15-30 seconds for up to 4 new fobs. It signals by flashing the running lights. (You may now release the button.) Press the key fob buttons one-at-a-time. Each will be acknowledged by flashing running lights. When done, turn the ignition off.

That should do it... If I left out a step, I am sure someone will remind me.

Dave B.

There should be a wire with a pink spade connector on the harness near the reciever. Get all the remotes together, turn on the key, touch that wire to ground 4 times in a row, the parking lights should blink 4 times, push each remote button once, the lights will blink once each time in response, turn off key, check all remotes for operation.


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