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For Colorado owners, I inquired of Consumer Reports new service about rates for HUMMERS.

For: 44 yr. old male, good driving record. 250k/500k bodily injury, 500k property damage, PIP deductable of 1,000.00, 250k/500k uninsured and underinsured motorist, 1,000.00 collision and comp. deduct. / On 1994 HMCS wagon. Ratings for top five insurers of HUMMERS, amounts are for annual premiums:

  1. USAA -- $1,070.00
  2. Trinity Universal -- $1,232.00
  3. American States, American Economy -- $1,249.00
  4. Safeco, Safeco "Q" Plus -- $1,351.00
  5. Trinity - Security National -- $1,422.00

Dennis Kulp

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