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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Replacing Key Fob Batteries:

Easy to do, code maintains, battery from Radio Shack.

Battery is no longer a common item as most modern remotes use a slightly smaller battery, but Radio Shack almost always has the GP27/GP27A type required. They sell in paks of 2. You will not lose any coding by changing your batteries. The owners manual states to change them every year whether it needs it or not in order to keep the battery fresh and reduce leakage. I had recently changed both mine carefully by the manual recommendation.

Unscrew, back and carefully pry apart the two halves using your fingers. Take battery out of the snaps on the circuit board, snap in a new one minding the polarity, snap the two halves back together and screw it back together.

This is for 2006/4 application with the three button remote.


My '98 came with two fobs. they do not have a screw holding the back on and I found it was very easy to pry the back of using a knife - a screw driver of any size is too big. Each took two 2016 batteries.

Of course I shoudl have done this two years ago. Night and day response to my super-charged fobs!


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