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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Crash Testing

I know this was a question a while ago but the other day I was web surfing and I found the site for the National Highway Traffic Association ( Thanks HID. I found an E-mail address and asked about HUMMER crash test. The following is the response I got. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Unfortunately we are not able to test every vehicle. Congress has to approve the money spent on the New Car Assessment Program and we can not spend a dollar more than what Congress approves. This year the New Car Assessment Program has been allotted 1.7 million dollars. We think it is a bargain for the taxpayers and we are working to make the information clear and easier to obtain. In order to optimize the money allotted by congress, we only test those vehicles with expected high sales volume. For example, this year, we crashed 50 vehicles in the frontal direction. With carry over vehicle and these 50 new vehicles, we cover 70% of the passenger vehicles sold in the USA.

Thank you for your inquiry and please continue to check our Web Site for further crash test ratings.

I have a question. I am an avid Hummer fan and a member of the Hummer Mailing List. On the list we were wondering if there had been any crash tests done on the Hummer, any year. We have heard rumors but nothing valid. Any info would be very appreciated. If you have any video's that are for sale of the crash test I am sure there would be many interested buyers, including myself as I have not bought one yet and am still trying to convince my wife. I know the Hummer is a class 3 truck. Does that exclude it from testing? For that matter how do I get test results on any exotic car or truck?

Thanks very much.

Robert Salerno

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