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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Collisions Between Hummers and Other Vehicles:

Oops...this little car in front of me slowed down too fast and I smacked him at about 2 MPH. Damage report: Acura: Body damage, bent trunk lid, scratched bumper, mashed taillight. Hummer: No sign of the incident.

Think of the odds this implies.

Customer was broadside on driver's side rear corner. Late model Chevy Impala, totaled, Hummer, no damage to bumper, body or frame, $2100 in damage to LR wheel, tire, hub assembly, and a few other minor rear suspension components. Owner and his wife were in the truck, DUI driver in Chevy. "Owner asked his wife if she was OK, she answered, 'I'm fine, did not feel the impact, only heard it."


PS: Chevy, they said was travelling 40MPH and never touched the brakes.

Eb's Parking Lot Incident

Listmember Eb backed into a Mitsubishi 3000 GT in the parking lot one day...

Here's the "damage" to Eb's bumper.

Well, he did bend his license plate a bit. "I also had to pull his turn signal out of my trailer hitch and touch up the bumper with flat black Krylon".

The scene of the crime.

Here's the Mitsubishi with over $3,700 in damages!

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