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The Hummer Knowledge Base

How to Clean the Inside of a Hummer:

Floors: Take everything except the seats out. (Including jack and reflectors.) Park on a hill where the front is higher than the rear, and level left to right. Get the garden hose. Hose the floor to get out the major stuff, anything too large to go through the drain you can pick out and toss. With the hose nozzle squirt under the finish panels on the hump and under the doors. A surprising amount of crud collects there. Take some HD liquid cleaner (I use carpet cleaner) and pour some in on the wet floor. Use a scrub brush to get up the stubborn crud. Again hose out the floor, do it two times so there is no cleaner left (gets the floor sticky, and it gets dirter faster). Leave the hummer with the doors open for about an hour until dry inside.

Works well, I've done this many times--and my floors can look like new!

Peter Hipson (founder, NEHOG)
1995 White NA Hummer Wagon

I use a Murphy's Oil Soap and warm water solution on the interior, applied with a wash cloth. I also use this solution on the floor, applied with a scrub brush. I use a brush attachment on the vacuum to clean the gauge lense covers. The Oil Soap won't dry out the vinyl, and leaves a light clean scent.

Roberta L. Beauchamp
'99 TD, Mesa Dusk

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