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Let's keep in mind that we're comparing near stock Hummers (in most cases
practically stock, since many don't have lifts and much larger size tires
than stock) to highly modified, and in some cases, purpose built Jeeps and
Granted, you could build about several SAO (Spring Over Axle) Samauris or a
Hardcore Jeep TJ for the price of a solid used Hummer... but out-of-the-box,
there's no comparison.
It takes an act of God to put 37" tires on a TJ, there IS NO CTIS for them,
you need HD axles and lockers (at least LSDs), ultra low xfer case  and diff
gears, etc.
I wheel with a lot of people who say taking a Hummer off-road is a
ridiculous expense when they have at least $35K-$50K invested into their
Try selling a highly modified 4x4 to a non-enthusiast... you get blue-book +
maybe-a-little-extra for the $25K of "goodies" added on.
BTW, I've seen Hummers rockcrawl... it's pretty cool.

Some comments on articulation...

  1. The primary purpose of articulation is to keep the maximum number of tires on the ground on uneven terrain.

  2. The use of lockers precludes much of the need for articulation in most circumstances.

  3. FULLY locking differentials are of GREAT benefit in rock-crawling because a limited slip acts like an open diff when a wheel is lifted.

  4. Compare a stock hummer to a stock range rover with limited slip diffs. An apples to apples comparison in everything but mass girth. Now the added articulation of the range rover in wheel lifting situations gives it an edge over the hummer, even if it is slight. Add full lockers to the hummer only and the scale tips back. Give the RR full lockers too and the balance changes again.

  5. The very large tires on the hummer SHOULD give it tremendous ground clearance, but it doesn't really. Only in the center of the vehicle. In rock crawling, this just doesn't cut it. Nor does it cut it in soft ground situations like deep mud. You are still dragging that low hanging stuff (like the lower control arms) through the mud.

  6. The torque available at the wheels of the hummer due to the diesel engine and the gear reduction at the axles CLEARLY gives it an advantage in slow speed, high torque situations.

  7. Your point is moot about selling a highly modified 4x4 to a non-enthusiast. I would suspect it would be equally as difficult to sell them a hummer.

  8. I too have seen hummers rock-crawl. They have certain advantages in some situations, but on average, they are too long, too wide, and too oversprung to be effective in the rocks. This is simply not their forte.

  9. The residual value of the hummer is superior to almost any off-road capable vehicle other than the Land Rover D90/D110. Some of those vehicles are actually appreciating in value. Or at least in PERCEIVED value!


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