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This form is NOT for asking technical questions
The web forum serves that purpose very, very well.
Use this form for additions (which are not posted to the forum), corrections or updates to the HKB.

NOTE: The Hummer Knowledge Base was originally created in the earliest days of the HML when it was a mailing list only. Since the list wasn't searchable, information generated by it was placed here. SINCE THE FORUM WAS ADDED, which is searchable, the original purpose of the HKB is no longer needed. Therefore, forum posts are not usually added to the HKB.


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*If an addition/correction, please include the title or URL of the article to which it applies.

This form is text only. If you have files, documents and/or images to contribute, make a note above and you will be contacted about sending them.

Please ensure that the information you submit is accurate and complete. Submissions are reviewed, but facts cannot always be checked. Material submitted may be accepted, rejected or edited as necessary. The Hummer Network is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the Hummer Knowledge Base, nor for any situation arising from the use thereof.

If reporting part numbers please be as accurate and specific as possible. Note that prices of parts are not listed. They are subject to change and it is not possible to keep track of the price of every part at every parts supplier. There would be the potential of serious problems arising if inaccurate prices were listed here. The parts cross-reference is just that and not a price list.