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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Rebuilding Rear Brake Cylinders:


I don't know if anyone's interested but I rebuilt my leaking rear passenger brake cylinder about a month ago. The brake pads were worn severely unevenly... So far so good.

A few points...

  • I was pleased by the very sturdy construction of the rear brake assembly.

  • I believe disassembly/reassembly would be very difficult without the Kent-Moore J-41300 Piston Adaptor tool.

  • It wasn't a mouse trap design (parts didn't fly everywhere during disassembling).

  • The failure seemed to be an assembly problem (I believe a scarred O-ring was the culprit--I used silicone grease during reassembly to avoid damaging O-rings).

  • The brass brake line adaptor uses a copper washer to seal against the brake cylinder body. (Which is easily loosened when disconnecting the brake line, causing another leak).

  • I noticed that all the caliper guide pins were loose so I applied thread lock and retightened them (Hopefully this eliminate uneven pad wear--Well I have my fingers crossed..).

  • The rebuild kit was reasonably priced at about $15.00.

  • Note: AMG has their "kit" number for the rear rebuild kit screwed up... The following numbers are correct for ONE rear cylinder)

    • AMG 05744403 Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit (1-caliper no bleeder)

    • AMG 05578802 Caliper Bleeder Valve

    • AMG 05597172 Caliper Bleeder Valve Cap

Well that's all I can think of at the moment...


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