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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Rebuilding Brake Calipers

I've rebuilt my rear caliper before, It's straight forward, and the rebuild parts are quite very reasonable. The contents of the factory rear rebuild kit are in error, so I've listed the correct parts for the front and rear caliper rebuilds. This data is about a year old so I'm unsure if prices have changed. Rebuilding the fronts should be a breeze.

Brake Caliper Rebuild Parts
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
AMG 05579865Front Caliper Rebuild Kit (2-calipers, no bleeder)~$13.00
AMG 05744403Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit (1-caliper no bleeder)~$14.00
AMG 05578802Caliper Bleeder Valve (optional)$0.62
AMG 05597172Caliper Bleeder Valve Cap (optional)$0.47
AMG 05744405Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit (NOTE: Improper part collection)
Includes: 1-05579865 kit, 1-05744403 kit, 1-05578802 bleeder, and 1-05597172

BTW if you're rebuilding a rear caliper watch for the slotted guide pin head - it looks like a screw head. Don't try to twist this or you my damage the piston assembly (fortunately I was patient and studied this before applying force).


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