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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Brake Line Recall Affecting 1999-2000 Model Years:

AMG recall R0001- flexible brake lines.

Models Affected: 1999 and 2000 model year Hummer vehicles.

Service Information:

On 1999 model year vehicles, VIN XE181746 through VIN XE185912 and 2000 vehicles VIN YE185915 through VIN YE186690, the flexible brake lines which connect the master cylinder to the ABS modulator may have been routed in such a manner to cause a chafing condition between the flexible lines. Chafing can cause a brake fluid leak in either one or both of the lines.

Service repair will require replacement of the current flexible brake lines with new brake lines incorporating modified tube ends.

It seems that the bulletin AMG sent me has a little bit of a typo. The VIN #'s listed for 1999 seem to have included some 1998 models. Please do not be alarmed as this is a clerical error and no 1998 trucks are involved. Sorry for any confusion.

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