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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Brakes Bleeding Tool

A simple but effective brake bleeding tool is a glass juice bottle (you know the small 10?? oz with metal cap?). Remove cap, throw away. Clean inside of bottle with brake cleaner, wrap mechanic's wire around bottle just below threads, leave loose end long, take loose end & twist to lock wire below threads, now take loose end up to mouth of bottle, put a piece of vacuum hose into bottle until it reaches bottom, take loose end of wire & make clamp around vacuum hose to hold it down in bottle. Take the other end of wire & fashion a hook. (PHEW!!, it only takes me a minute to make this in the shop for the new guy!!) Use vacuum tubing that fits the bleeder snugly. Put on bleeder, hang bottle anywhere, put enough brake fluid in bottle to cover end of tubing, pump to your heart's content.

We have been using this system for 20+ years on all makes without a hitch. The only thing it doesn't work well on is clutch systems, but that usually requires a reverse bleeding procedure anyways...


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