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Replacing Rubber Boot Below Parking Brake Lever:

How difficult is it to replace the rubber boot underneath the truck below the e-brake lever? Mine is split and letting hot air up into the truck when I have the window down on warm days.

It is a two-man job. There are bolts with nuts that go from inside the truck to below that hold the entire shift mechanism in place. One person holds the nut and one removes the bolt.

You have to disengage the transfer case and transmission arms from the shifter by removing a cotter pin and lock washers. Be sure to prevent your truck from rolling by chocking the wheels. There are 4 or five wire connectors to be disconnected but label each side so you know your original connections.

To remove the e-cable, you pick up the shifter mechanism so you can see the connection from inside the truck. Then, you turn on the truck ignition switch on so you can shift the mechanism and gain access to the cable end. Then pull the e-brake cable out of the shifter mechanism with pliers.

With the shifter mechanism out, you replace the rubber boot. You can now add a second fabric heat boot which was added to newer models to protect the rubber boot. The boots are AMG parts, only.

If you need to change the neutral safety switch, now would be the time. Grease the shift mechanism with lithium grease and work it in.

The job takes several hours.


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