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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Accessories/Superchargers/Whipple/vs. Others:

The idea around the whipple charger is close to the roots idea. The whipple uses screws to compress the air and rather than beat the air like a roots type the advantage over the roots style is the whipple does not super heat the air. The advantage over other superchargers with both of these units is they tend to give a flat boost across all RPM ranges. The hair dryer type superchargers ie. paxton, vortech they have to wind up before you get higher boost numbers. This is very similar to a turbo. At lower rpms less boost and when climbing hills at the beggining you might not get anyboost or very little. As you climb the hill and the RPM increases boost increases thus power increases. This sounds good except for it is hard to get used to when that boost will come and what it will do to traction. With the screw or roots type once you get on the gas the boost comes up rather quickly so you well not have what is commonly called lag. This makes it much easier to "control" the boost and get the power on the ground wit is needed. For those out there that have owned some of the exotic high HP cars out there that ran superchargers most of you had a centrifical supercharger ie. Paxton or turbocharger. Can you remember when you hit the gas then a few secondes later got a kick in the pants and sometimes heard that siren sound. Can you imagine climbing a hill and then halfway up getting a boost of power and loosing traction it could be dangerous. If I was to get a supercharger on a diesel I would go with either a roots style (B&M) or screw type (whipple). Just my .02. I am not sure if this makes sense if you need or would like more info I can get technical and try to explain if more depth.

James Houser
95 OT N/A

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