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For those of you with older Hummers I found a way to install the passenger side snubber. When you try to remove the bolts and the nut turns you have the older type. You can't reach up from inside because of the heater box.

  1. Get a friend to help.

  2. Have your friend apply upward pressure on the old snubber with a screwdriver as you turn the ratchet. (It's not easy and will take a few minutes. When completed the nuts will fall off and appear on the floor.

  3. Get a 1/8 inch rod about 18 inches long. We used a skewer.
    3a.Remove the kick plate to get more room to work.

  4. Put the new snubber in place and insert the rod in the hole until your friend sees it.

  5. Have your friend put the nut in a socket with a long extension, put it on the end of the skewer and as you apply slight pressure downward have him or her push up. The nut will come up against the metal.

  6. Pull out the skewer a carefully insert the bolt and hand turn until it catches.

  7. Put on the socket and tighten.

  8. If this fails call Stinger. They have some kind of tool they lend out.

    glenn carbone

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