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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Accessories/Momo Steering Wheel:

William Tran wrote:
>Momo does have a hub for the Hummer.  I ordered mine 2 1/2 weeks
>ago and it should be in any day now.  I have the steering wheel
>but no hub.  :(  I don't have the part # but if you want it,
>I'll go look it up for you.

We are a Momo distributor and have sold quite a few of these. The hub number is Momo 211-211-4513. It will move the wheel away from the dash a inch or so, this does make the turn signal switch a little far away but that is the only negative about doing the swap. I was surprised how many Hummers in Moab still had the stock wheel.

Turbo Tim

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