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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Milemarker SE12000 Wiring:
I have installed the winch on my hummer and mounted the solenoid on top of the battery hold down clamp. After talking with a Milemarker rep, I decided to not use the black box covering the solenoid and just mounted the solenoid directly to the battery hold down bracket. I then welded a large washer to the plate to hold the female connector for the remote. My problem is that like any good electrician, I did not label the wires from the female connector to the solenoid. There are only three wires so troubleshooting should be easy but can anybody look at thier solenoid and tell me the order of the wires. I have also set up to use a toggle switch inside the cab for the winch. Any help is appreciated.


Here is a pic of the solenoid:

Could you also post a pic of your install? I was thinking of installing mine in that location also. I just haven't got around to it yet.

I talked with milemarker and they suggested that as long as I use some sort of waterproof lubricant protectant on the electrical connections that I should be okay. Here are more pics of the solenoid:

(Click on photo for a much larger version)

I can just see a screwdriver, ring, watch, necklace, wrench... Bridging those contacts or to ground. A watch, ring or necklace could result easily in serious burns! A screwdriver/tool could result in other injuries or even a fire.



You can spray that exposed box and terminals with Spray Parts Dip.



Another alternative for protecting the exposed terminals is "Liquid tape". Practically all auto and electrical stores carry it and it is very easy to apply. Also prevents oxidation.


I'm in the process of installing my winch in the next few days, same winch se12000. I'd be interested in where you re-located the control box, I'm pretty sure someone posted a while back that you have to get MM to send extended wires to re-locate it.


I just bought two 4' long battery cables from the local auto parts to complete the wiring. I talked with Milemarker and they never offered to send me any new wires. I didn't ask either.



I went to my local welding supply shop and bought cable there, plus a stop at Lowes for a ground cable, and extended the whole box back to the driver's wheel well next to the washer fluid container up at hood level.

Works great - I can access it from the wheel well w/o having to raise the hood to hook up the controller.

I do plan on getting welding quick disconnects and wiring the whole thing through the firewall to the cab in the future.

- bill

Here's how it looks installed:

(Click on photo for a much larger version)

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