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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Accessories/Communications/Antennas/Military Mounts:

These are VHF (30-88 Mhz) Antennas. The M998 Humvees shown have VRC 90 SINCGARS radio installations in them. These are the latest units out with Comsec scrambling etc. The same setup with only one radio and antenna would be the VRC 88. Just got through with the install of these into 7 Humvees this week. Although these radios can use the latest digital and frequency hopping modes they are also backward compatible with the older VRC 46 family of FM radios which are still widely in use with the US Army and its NATO allies. Some of the surplus mil-vehicle parts dealers once in a while seem to come up with these antenna mounts. You can find their ads all the time in Military Vehicle Magazine.

Glenn Shaw 93 4drht

Photos courtesy of Scott Kassa

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