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The Hummer Knowledge Base


How it looks on a Hummer:

Ross Mabey wrote:

> Ross Mabey 
> @   /hid/acc/lvn.html
> The Luvern Brush guard is shown;  what is not shown is where to buy
> them
> and for how much.  Anyone know?
> Ross

Luverne Truck Equipment Co.
1200 East Birch Street
Brandon, SD 57005
fax 605-582-7434
web site

They make 3 models priced from 139.95 to 161.95 (multiple unit discounts are available for those who want a garage full of them) plus freight. All models are available for hummers with or without winches. I'm very happy with mine, installation was easy and the 3/8 x 2" flat steel guard is very substantial. As usual all the disclaimers...

Gary Collings 95 white wagon

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