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The Hummer Knowledge Base

Wiring of External (Auxiliary) Lights:

I am adding some lights to my truck. I have a wraparound brush guard that I was hoping to mount the lights to (there are holes there already). My brother said he would help and recommends wiring the lights to the battery (?) and then choosing a place on the dashboard for the on/off switch. Since there seems to be a blank window switch control on my console, would it be okay to use that? Also any recommmendations on the wiring to the battery?

Your brother is right. The lights need to be wired to the battery and the switch should activate a relay. Instead of connecting the lights to the battery you might want to attach them to the junction block on the drivers side below the CTIS compressor. This is easily recognizable by all the large wires going to the two posts. On my '95 the upper post is +.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the lights will be activated. Do you want to be able to turn them on anytime, only with high beams, only when other lights are on? These questions will determine where the signaling for the relay will come from.

A few other thoughts are use proper gauge wire for the lights and use weatherpack connectors for the outside connections. Since your truck is a y2k it is probably already wired for the HID driving lights. You should be able to use this wiring and not have to run wire into the cabin.


Use a relay...

From the relay, the juice to the lights comes from the battery, but you only use a small amount for the switch (which gan get juice from the fuse panel if it's illuminated) this prevents too much electricity from channeling through the switch.

A relay usually comes with any light kit, or you can buy one at an auto parts store for about $4.

-Dustin Tarditi

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